Why we do it

3Ps helps people create positive
change in their communities and

How we do it

We work alongside local communities using Participatory Learning and Action

What we do

We offer specialist training and support in
community based participatory action research and community leadership skills development

What the participants say...

“The course brings together people of like mind, people who want to do more for the communities they live within. We learn both from the facilitator and from each other, our eyes are opened and the desire we have to do something for others is matched with the skills and knowledge needed to create projects and action."
Course Participant

about our work...

"The course provides and enjoyable insight into how individuals and community groups might make a difference, resolve local issues and inspire change.”
Course Participant

What commissioners and evaluators say...

"The community researchers have relished the opportunity to make a difference in their communities. They have felt proud and inspired. What’s more, several have made tangible achievements, by starting new training, going to university or getting a new job. Confidence levels, enthusiasm and self-reliance have soared through the roof. Many of the residents are now running preventative ‘loneliness solutions’ in their own communities – playgroups, pop-up cafes, walking groups and cultural markets."
Julie Wrigley of Qa Research


“It is clear that participatory appraisal can be a powerful methodology to engage residents in neighbourhood action planning. It has helped discover the views of a very mixed range of people in communities, including hard-to-reach groups build sustainable, trusted, local capacity to participate in neighbourhood renewal. A substantial amount of data on the three study areas has been stored on a database. This gives the research an essential robustness.”

South Tyneside Council


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