Examples of our work


3Ps worked with Peanut at Northumbria
University to train groups of residents on
estates in South Tyneside from 2006 to 2009.
The aim of the project is to engage with and
involve local communities in the development
of a series of community appraisals. The
approach is based upon Participatory Learning
and Action, enabling local people to identify a
set of solutions to issues currently facing the
community and provide a mechanism to
establish positive relationships with key
service providers and remain actively involved
in the planning, delivery and monitoring of the

In 2007 South Tyneside Council were awarded
Beacon Status for community engagement.
The project has also been used as a case
study of good practice by IDEA (Improvement
and Development Agency for Local

3Ps have carried out a series of community
consultations for heritage sites in England as
part of the audience development planning
process. 3Ps organised group visits followed
by a consultation session. 3Ps have consulted
with primary school children, young people,
people from minority ethnic communities,
families with young children, people with
disabilities, business people, older people, and
potential volunteers in places as diverse as a
watermill, a bronze age village, a narrow gauge
railway and a stately home.

3Ps have been encouraging participation in
decision making in three market towns in North
Yorkshire. We trained a group of young people
and members of a 'town team' using
participatory approaches to find out the needs
of young people in the towns and to design
projects to benefit them. In Skipton we ran a
community research project using Participatory
Appraisal techniques and in Selby we used
Participatory Video techniques.



Our Training

3Ps has a long track record in devising and running training Participatory Appraisal training courses ranging from introductory
to advanced. We also run Participatory Video training workshops.

3Ps has worked with voluntary and community groups, local authorities, universities, regeneration partnerships, government agencies, heritage consultants and architects. Specific organisations include: The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Housing Trust, Northumbria University, Kent University, PLB Consulting, Nottingham County Council, Cambridgeshire NHS Trust, Oldham and Rochdale Housing Market Renewal, Leeds Visual Arts Forum, Leeds Voice, The North East London Mental Health Trust, The St Giles Trust, Yorkshire Forward and Wiles Maguire Architects.

3Ps have worked with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Housing Trust as part of their Neighbourhood Approaches to Loneliness
Programme. We recruited and trained local people in 4 areas (two in Bradford and two in York) in Participatory Learning and Action and supported teams of residents through the analysis of data,  community feedback events and action planning with stakeholder organisations over an 18 month period from April 2011. For more information go to: