"I have thoroughly enjoyed the PA course both in terms of content and how it was delivered."

"Roger's style was inclusive, patient, and questioning. We did so much 'work' but it felt like we weren't - brill!"

"A packed day with great participation from everyone. Style of facilitation was excellent - just the right blend of provocative questioning and space to think. When can we do the next one?!"

"I've learnt many new skills and tools that I am now putting into practice in my everyday work."

"By training using practical methods I've been able to build confidence and test out new ideas with the support of the group."

"This course has enabled me to see new ways of involving people in decision making and in my role as involvement facilitator in NHS Leeds that is invaluable."

"Loved the video and song. It made me think out of the box."

"It is clear that Participatory Appraisal can be a powerful methodology to engage residents in neighbourhood action planning. It has helped discover the views of a very mixed range of people in
communities, including hard to reach groups and to build sustainable, trusted, local capacity to participate in neighbourhood renewal."

"The community researchers have relished the opportunity to make a difference in their communities. They have felt proud and inspired. What’s more, several have made tangible achievements, by starting new training, going to university or getting a new job. Confidence levels, enthusiasm and self-reliance have soared through the roof. Many of the residents are now running preventative ‘loneliness solutions’ in their own communities – playgroups, pop-up cafes, walking groups and cultural markets."

"The highlight of the programme was its participatory approach, which placed local people at the heart of everything. It allowed them to fail or succeed, learn as they go and, eventually, form small teams of residents dedicated to creating change for themselves and their neighbours. Notably, community researchers suggested very few improvements."

"The programme was life changing for those most closely involved. Many gained confidence, self‑worth and emotional intelligence. Some made tangible gains, such as returning to college or employment; many acquired skills."